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Its Spring Again

1.9 usd

«It’s Spring Again» is an educational game for children ages 2 and up that interactively tells children the story of change of seasons. The game intends to develop associative thinking and logic by allowing children follow tips of the narrator to help the seasons change. In a playful way, the game helps children remember the features of each season and differences between them. With coming of each new season, the nature changes completely (like trees and grass becoming yellow in autumn and white in winter), which helps develop attention and sense of purpose. Lots of interactable objects on each scene provide a way to develop small motility skills. Most of objects can be triggered in any order, making musical sounds and allowing for creating a different musical melody for each game session.
The game is designed in a way most approachable for small children. The world in the game is filled with living creatures, appealing to childrens’ way of knowing the world around them. The sun, the earth and the trees each have emotional faces, and each season is represented by its avatar, a wonderful fictional animal.
The game is looped, after each full circle of seasons, starting with spring and ending with winter, a new spring begins. The lack of designated end of the game helps children understand the perpetuity of change of seasons.